Summary: This is a short note on my approach to advice on this blog. I want a clarification about advice which I can link to later.

Everyone has advice to give. In the past, the advice you received was mostly judgement-laden instructions from family, or well-intentioned suggestions from friends. Unfortunately, with the advent of the internet, anyone on earth can now give you advice of wildly varying quality.

Even more unfortunately, I am one of the people on the internet who is going to offer advice.

However, my advice comes from a much more humble place. The suggestions I post on this blog are exactly that: suggestions. They are typically things which have worked for me, but I understand that they will not work for everyone (or perhaps anyone!). Because of this, all advice I post should be considered skeptically. Ideally, you experiment with it and see if it works for you, but, if it doesn’t, forget it!

Given the amount of advice already on the internet, why even post it at all? I have two hopes for the advice that I post. First, to create the possibility that my writing could improve someone’s life. If even one person changed the way they work or live because of my ideas, it would make all of the time invested worth it. Full adoption of my advice isn’t required to make someone’s life better, simply considering new ways to act and experiment with life improvements could help. The second hope I have for the advice I post is to learn from others. Knowing what helps people, what modifications others have made, and seeing criticisms of my advice all present learning opportunities for me. Essentially, I am hoping that by posting suggestions, I will get even better ideas in return!

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