A Short Note on Ideas

You might notice that I post a lot of crazy ideas on this blog. This is a short note about what it means when I spend the time to write about an idea.

The act of considering new ideas is entertaining for me. This is why I strive to generate new ones as much as possible. The goal is to work my “idea muscle”, and so far this strategy has been successful for me, as I have seen my rate of idea generation grow steadily over the years. I have written before about the simple approach I use here.

Because of this quantity-oriented approach, I don’t take myself too seriously. I understand that there are many reasons why something might look good on paper, but fail in reality. This is probably true of most of my ideas, but I don’t mind if they mostly end up being misguided; worrying about being unconditionally correct is not a good way to be creative or have fun.

Despite this, I still take ideas seriously in general. Even a few good thoughts have the potential to make a positive impact, and the simple act of thinking through new ones might encourage others to write about new ones. This is why I spend time writing about them, even if I am not entirely confident they will work.

For these reasons, I try to keep an open mind towards all ideas, while always considering how they might be improved. I hope you do the same.

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