Links #1

First links post! Inspired by Tommy Collison.

I intend for these to be “lists of interesting things I am reading” rather than links which are particularly current. As usual, my focus is on interesting ideas rather than beautiful presentation.

What Do We Do With the Science of Terrible Men?

A Soul’s View of the Optimal Population Problem, note the similarities to the short story The Egg.

Progress made towards artificial Wombs? Babies from bone marrow? Sperm on the moon?

Against neutrality about creating happy lives. I was hoping to write something along these lines but this says it better than I could.

Politics is way too meta

Social Penumbras seem like an important concept to consider when thinking about social dynamics and movement-building.

How to end stagnation?

Maps of Matter

Experimental evolution of bet hedging. Could this type of evolution be relevant to viruses?

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