Links #3

Freezing ovarian tissue to extend fertility.

Cash Transfers as a Simple First Argument

SoGive is not updating charity recommendations in light of the recent malaria vaccine news. Since I have made the point before that malaria vaccines reduce the value of bednets, it is worth considering the arguments here. Essentially, bednets still have value right now since it takes a while to roll out vaccines, so we shouldn’t neglect the people we can help today by waiting for the vaccine.

Global Public Goods: A Survey

Things Marius Hobbhahn has changed their mind about.

Does Technology Drive The Growth of Government? Related to one of the arguments I made about growing state power in Against World Government

A course on “The Great Problems”. Perhaps this is a class all people should take in high school.

A website which computes the probability of achieving AGI by certain dates.

I enjoyed this book review of George’s Progress and Poverty. I think a lot more work needs to go into how to practically implement a land value tax and how the principle applies to other domains (For example, George considered solar energy to be part of “land”. How might this change interstellar colonization?).

Is power-seeking AI an existential risk?

C4 rice’s first wobbly steps towards reality

I went through a lot of posts on the blog Reflective Disequilibrium recently, here are some I particularly enjoyed:

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