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The Contribution of Evolutionary Game Theory to Understanding and Treating Cancer

I enjoyed David Friedman’s Odd Applications of Economics

Spartacus, an app for collective action. Anyone can start a campaign and followers join anonymously. Once a preset threshold is reached, everyone is deanonymized simultaneously “exchanging the safety of anonymity for the safety of numbers, instantly!” Pretty cool, seems like a useful tool for economic catalysis.

Worldcoin. A cryptocurrency to be distributed freely to as many people as possible.

Please Don’t Give Up On Having Kids Because Of Climate Change

Secure homes for digital people. Research in this area is an important component of preventing S-risks

“Redundant” AI alignment

This piece has a lot of interesting possibilities related to making fuel from air

Also: Seawater seems like a great source of CO2 for a fuel from air system. Pulling CO2 from the ocean also removes CO2 from the air indirectly, whereas pulling it from the air induces leakage from the ocean back to the air. I looked into seawater CO2 extraction recently, focusing on approaches which extract CO2 rather than produce minerals and ignoring approaches which use rare inputs like as desalination brine or wastewater. These papers seem like a good starting point for further research:

Production of Jet Fuel from Seawater

Technical, economic, and environmental assessment of liquid fuel production on aircraft carriers

Indirect ocean capture of atmospheric CO2: Part I. Prototype of a negative emissions technology

Indirect ocean capture of atmospheric CO2: Part II. Understanding the cost of negative emissions

Feasibility of CO2 Extraction from Seawater and Simultaneous Hydrogen Gas Generation Using a Novel and Robust Electrolytic Cation Exchange Module Based on Continuous Electrodeionization Technology

Development of an Electrolytic Cation Exchange Module for the Simultaneous Extraction of Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen Gas from Natural Seawater

CO2 extraction from seawater using bipolar membrane electrodialysis

A direct coupled electrochemical system for capture and conversion of CO2 from oceanwater

Solar methanol synthesis by clean hydrogen production from seawater on offshore artificial islands

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