Mapping the Good

Three Paths to Existential Risk from AI

Wealth Fraction Dominant Assurance Contracts

Links #3

Minimal Education for Modern Citizens

Kittens and Counterfactuals

Against World Government

Global Public Goods

Links #2

Beings Other than People Matter

Possible People Matter

Future People Matter

In Defense of Totalism

Links #1

Handling the Next Pandemic

Charity Prediction Markets

A Short Note on Ideas

A Formula for the Value of Existential Risk Reduction

The Disregarded

States Should Try Harder to Draw Talent

A Note on the Organization of the Blog

Challenges of Interstellar Expansion

A More Achievable UBI

Let’s Eliminate Sleep

The Future of Relationships


Economic Catalysis

Real Fake Words


Fuel From Air (Or: The Final Agricultural Revolution)

Food From Fuel

My Application to the Liberalism 2.0 Fellows

Cash and Global Poverty

Some Notes on Writing Frequently

Innovations for Fertility

Counterfactual Contracts

Thoughts on Existential Risk

Is Immortality Ethical?

The Archipelago, Part 3: Practical Concerns

The Archipelago, Part 2: Theory

The Archipelago, Part 1: Introduction

A List of Major, Future Innovations

A Government-Backed, Public Goods Financing Mechanism

Grey Goo Requires AI

Book List

Write Down Your Ideas



Utilitarianism: Common, Intuitive, Flexible


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