In Defense of Totalism

The repugnant conclusion (RC) is a commonly discussed problem in population ethics. If our ethical theory merely aggregates the total happiness of a population, then in some scenarios with many slightly-happy people would be preferred to scenarios with a few very-happy people. Why does this matter? Because making decisions about future populations is hugely important,Continue reading “In Defense of Totalism”

Charity Prediction Markets

Prediction markets are pretty cool, but not uh, technically speaking, legal right now because of similarities to gambling. Charity prediction markets are a tweak on normal prediction markets which might be able to provide the similar benefits, while sidestepping legality concerns and donating money to charitable causes. A charity prediction market (CPM) operates exactly likeContinue reading “Charity Prediction Markets”

A Formula for the Value of Existential Risk Reduction

How important is existential risk reduction (XRR)? Here, I present a model to estimate the value of eliminating existential risks. Note that this model is exceedingly simple; it is actually contained within other studies of existential risk, but I feel the implications have not been fully considered. The Model Let’s imagine that, if we didContinue reading “A Formula for the Value of Existential Risk Reduction”

States Should Try Harder To Draw Talent

Attracting scientific, engineering, and business talent from across the world has been a key component of the success of the U.S. and other developed nations in the past. Today, high earnings opportunities and a prestigious higher education system makes the U.S. an attractive destination for high skilled immigrants. Having more talent accelerates economic growth, increasesContinue reading “States Should Try Harder To Draw Talent”