Wealth Fraction Dominant Assurance Contracts

Dominant Assurance Contracts (DAC’s) are a means of funding public goods between individuals without the need for government intervention. However, DAC’s make everyone pay the same amount into a public good. This is a problem because it means that DAC’s don’t account for strength of peoples preferences. For example, even if one person values aContinue reading “Wealth Fraction Dominant Assurance Contracts”

Links #3

Freezing ovarian tissue to extend fertility. Cash Transfers as a Simple First Argument SoGive is not updating charity recommendations in light of the recent malaria vaccine news. Since I have made the point before that malaria vaccines reduce the value of bednets, it is worth considering the arguments here. Essentially, bednets still have value rightContinue reading “Links #3”

Minimal Education for Modern Citizens

Education is long overdue for a re-prioritization on what should be studied; modern citizens need to start with a better understanding of today’s problems, technologies, and major policy debates. Democratic systems in particular rely on the knowledge of citizens to make good decisions. Education is a key institution for giving people the tools they needContinue reading “Minimal Education for Modern Citizens”

Global Public Goods

In economics, externalities and public goods get introduced as distinct concepts, but can also be useful to consider as a single concept. Public goods, public bads, positive externalities, and negative externalities all have similar characteristics. In the case of public goods and positive externalities, society is best off when spending money to fund public goodsContinue reading “Global Public Goods”

Links #2

Air-based DNA sampling reminds me of the movie GATTACA. DNA privacy issues are arguably more important than a lot of the privacy issues we worry about today. Black Death, COVID, and Why We Keep Telling the Myth of a Renaissance Golden Age and Bad Middle Ages (note: pretty long). Predictive Coding has been Unified withContinue reading “Links #2”