Three Paths to Existential Catastrophe from AI

[EDIT 6/17: A previous version of this post had the title “Three Paths to Existential Catastrophe from AI”. I changed it to more clearly convey my point] In the past, I have pointed out that AI risk is one of the most significant, near term problems we face as a society. It is particularly importantContinue reading “Three Paths to Existential Catastrophe from AI”

Grey Goo Requires AI

Summary: Risks from self-replicating machines or nanotechnology rely on the presence of a powerful artificial intelligence within the machines in order to overcome human control and the logistics of self-assembling in many domains. The grey goo scenario posits that developing self-replicating machines could present an existential risk for society. These replicators would transform all matterContinue reading “Grey Goo Requires AI”