The Archipelago, Part 3: Practical Concerns

Part of a series on the Archipelago: Part 1, Part 2 For this final post in the series on the Archipelago, I want to look at some practical concerns we might find there. One major unsolved issue is macroeconomics. Since the Archipelago will likely maintain a common currency (in addition to local currencies at theContinue reading “The Archipelago, Part 3: Practical Concerns”

The Archipelago, Part 2: Theory

Part of a series on the Archipelago: Part 1, Part 3 In Part 1 of this series, I discussed Scott Alexander’s Archipelago. In short, by having different states compete for citizens, the Archipelago encourages states to create public goods (like in the Tiebout model) and provide competent governance. Additionally, the diverse governance this creates canContinue reading “The Archipelago, Part 2: Theory”

The Archipelago, Part 1: Introduction

Part of a series on the Archipelago: Part 2, Part 3 Summary: Introduce Scott Alexander’s Archipelago Communitarianism and highlight it’s potential as a system of governance. Scott Alexander’s piece Archipelago and Atomic Communitarianism identifies a tension between the liberal principle of “Do as you will, so long as it harms none” and the reality thatContinue reading “The Archipelago, Part 1: Introduction”