Retroactive Public Goods Funding

It’s hard to figure out which projects are valuable to people, but its pretty easy to see how valuable something is once it is built and being used. This is straightforward to capitalize on with consumption goods: simply invest in promising ideas, and sell your product. People pay for your product depending on how usefulContinue reading “Retroactive Public Goods Funding”

Wealth Fraction Dominant Assurance Contracts

Dominant Assurance Contracts (DAC’s) are a means of funding public goods between individuals without the need for government intervention. However, DAC’s make everyone pay the same amount into a public good. This is a problem because it means that DAC’s don’t account for strength of peoples preferences. For example, even if one person values aContinue reading “Wealth Fraction Dominant Assurance Contracts”

Charity Prediction Markets

Prediction markets are pretty cool, but not uh, technically speaking, legal right now because of similarities to gambling. Charity prediction markets are a tweak on normal prediction markets which might be able to provide the similar benefits, while sidestepping legality concerns and donating money to charitable causes. A charity prediction market (CPM) operates exactly likeContinue reading “Charity Prediction Markets”

States Should Try Harder To Draw Talent

Attracting scientific, engineering, and business talent from across the world has been a key component of the success of the U.S. and other developed nations in the past. Today, high earnings opportunities and a prestigious higher education system makes the U.S. an attractive destination for high skilled immigrants. Having more talent accelerates economic growth, increasesContinue reading “States Should Try Harder To Draw Talent”

Real Fake Words

Summary: I wrote a Python script to generate easy-to-remember, silly sounding words. I discuss some applications such as last name “genotypes”, conlangs, and password generation (Disclaimer: please do not actually use this for password generation, it doesn’t seem like a very strong way to generate passwords and cybersecurity is littered with the corpses of nice-soundingContinue reading “Real Fake Words”

Fuel From Air (Or: The Final Agricultural Revolution)

Though I tried to motivate it, my post Food From Fuel must have seemed strange. When would we really need this? Is this worth studying? Who would eat synthetic cooking oil? I have a confession: I am interested in food-from-fuel for a different reason than I stated in the post. Food-from-fuel is the first stepContinue reading “Fuel From Air (Or: The Final Agricultural Revolution)”